Here, at Shape Art Pilates Studio, I finally managed to combine the pleasure of practicing with the joy of remodelling fine muscles. Plus, working with personal trainer, any of the specialists here, gives me the feeling of fully efficiency during the Pilates class, but also the insurance that I have worked correctly and I haven't put in danger at all, the more delicate joints of my limbs, or especially from the sensible zones of my spine.

I am the happiest person when I get to participate at all three Pilates sessions per week that were recommended to me by Gizem, my first Pilates Instructor.


Pilates has proven to be the perfect way to get back in shape after giving birth. Helps me toning without strain on my back. Each session gives me a good feeling and I'm glad I found this kind of movement, I feel that it is best for me .

Andrei Ispas is the coach who guided me, always bringing new exercises in the training. I fit with his method and I also like how friendly he works with the "students". I gladly recommend Pilates at Shape Art Pilates!"


You may all have been thinking why I chose to practice pilates and precisely why at Shape Art Pilates? I chose pilates beacause it is different, nice and unbeatable in shaping the body, but mostly it is a type of training extraordinary that starts from the idea that a healthy body has a strong connection with the mind and that it teaches you how to be aware of your body and muscle flexibility.

I went to the first pilates session in that I had the great pleasure of working together with Mr Ispas Andrei - personal trainer, licensed in pilates science - and I was super happy about the way the class was held, but mostly about the positive energy that felt through the air at the Shape Art Pilates Studio, thath gives you the daily energy dose.

For me pilates became a life style and simultaneously with practicing this I started feeling a stress relief, improving my circulatory system and posture day by day, for which reason I invite you all to participate at least once to a pilates session at Shape Art Pilates, where you have the possibility to perfect your body and health status, creating a balance.


My experince at Shape Art Pilates was the first of its kind. I discovered, besides a professional team and great people, the pleasure of a relaxing sport. Pliates disconnects me from the daily stress, helps me shape my body beautifully and gives me the satisafaction of a healthy life through sports.

I return every time with pleasure and joy. Some days, after the training, I get a few relaxing moments in that intimate sauna or get a massage. As women, but not only, we need moments, as the ones I spend at Shape Art Pilates. That's why I always have a big smile on my face.


There has been a lot written about what Pilates generally means, but I can only say what it specifically means for me. I have been doing Pilates (on Allegro Reformer and mat) for almost 2 years. My entire body changed in a good way at an age when it generally changes in the exact opposite way - the posture, the abdomen, the arms, legs. This of course creates a general good mood.


Being 4-months pregnant, not very sporty and still very busy at work, I was desperate to find the optimal way for taking a proactive care of my 'changing; body and thinking how the best I can be prepared for the B-day. My swimming & massage during the weekend seemed not to be enough anymore. I was lucky to discover Shape Art Pilates Studio, as heard and read about Pilates method as highly recommended during pregnancy.

Starting from the 1st 'demo' session I was amazed by the professionalism, dedication and passion of the owners/trainers as well as the overall studio set-up (authorized equipment, thoughtful space arrangement, hygienic cleanliness). By now it's been 2.5 months and I had more than 20 personalized sessions. Every time I'm experiencing a 100% individual approach tailored to my body condition and needs, not to mention a very positive and friendly atmosphere. Pilates classes help to feel control over the body, give strength and energy to enjoy the pregnancy to the fullest.


I am a beginner in practicing Pilates exercises, and I have heard so many great things about Pilates exercises. I knew they are related to yoga and aerobics.

With Pilates you get high results with little effort. I will conclude by saying that the atmosphere I find there is extremely pleasant.


Pilates helped me to rediscover my body, gave me attitude, the posture perfectly aligned, it helped me to learn how to breathe, the simplest thing we do, but so superficial, in our expense. No other physical activity is so complex, because here nothing is left by chance.

As a whole that engages the entire body, from breathing, passing through the muscles and reaching spirit. But the most important thing is that every move is monitored closely by a personal trainer, Mr. Sorin Bujoreanu who gave me a personalized exercise according to my body. Breathe, sit right and think! But especially, sculpted your body with Pilates!


I found out about Shape Art Pilates from a friend: that they are using a new concept, with special equipment for pilates exercises.I went to a demo lesson, not very sure that i will like it counting the fact that I'm not a sporty person.But I decided to try. Back pain gave me no peace and the physiotherapy wasn't a long term solution. And here I am, after almost a year,going frequently, three times a week with great pleasure.In the three weekly sessions, I do individual training customized to the needs of my body, with my trainer Ana; I strengthened my muscles and I feel excelent.

More than that, in two weeks i am going to be a mum, i haven't gain any weight,I have maintained my condition with pregnancy adapted exercises and i can't wait to restart the exercises after giving birth. Back pain didn't come back during the pregnancy as it was expected. I am so glad that i had the oportunity to know the Shape Art Pilates team.I like the ambiance and the conditions they are offering.


The exercices practiced at Shape Art Pilates Studio make me addicted, I want to feel good every day. After each session I'm floating.

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