Specialists - Pilates

Adrian Ciomardac

Adrian has gratuated Motric and Leisure Activities Masters Programme at U.N.E.F.S in 2015. He has been working as a physical education teacher since 2014. He is also involved in numerous educational projects as a volunteer.

Adrian's hobbies are hiking, swimming and cinematography.

The opportunity to gain a big set of skills knowledge in his field of studies, along with his desire to share the passion for sports, have determined Adrian to become a pilates instructor.

Developing and maintaining physical harmony; establishing a good balance between physical and mental health and enhancing the self-knowledge process are, in Adrian's opinion, the main priorities of pilates.

If you want to discover pilates in a comfortable environment and in good company, book a session with Adrian.


Alina Buzu

Alina Buzu is the first female instructor of our team at Shape Art Pilates and she holds a Postgraduate's Degree in Physical Education and Sports, but she has also been an instructor in Fitness and Aerobics since 2012, as well as a Physical Education teacher in Petrache Poenaru Secondary School. She participated in Pilates on Tour Venice 2015, 2016.

When she is not practicing Pilates, Alina prefers swimming, trekking and playing tennis to keep fit, and when she wants to relax, she loves watching movies or travelling.

Her greatest satisfaction in her career as a Pilates instructor is given by the individual work with her clients which allows her to analyse the progress made by them.

Alina believes that the most beneficial aspect of Pilates is that you gain awareness of your own body through specific exercises. In addition, the correct breathing tehnique obtained through Pilates helps the oxygen to reach every part of the body and the strengthening of the pelvic muscles will help mothers give birth more easily and recover faster after birth.

If you want to have a good muscle tone, a good posture, to reduce your stress level and get rid of back pain, book a Pilates session with Alina.


Marius Neda

Marius is a Postgraduated student of the National University of Physical Education and Sports. From 2013 he is a physical education teacher at Secondary School number 150, in Bucharest. He participated in Pilates on Tour Venice 2015, 2016.

When he is not working in the Pilates studio, to keep fit, Marius prefers handball or swimming and to relax he likes to go fishing with his friends.

The satisfaction of being a pilates instructor career comes, in his opinion, from constant interaction with people and also from the fact that you can witness your clients physical and mental progress.

Marius believes that anyone, despite their age or physical training, can practice pilates. It is an excellent way for those who have not done sport but want to start a moderate activity. He says we should not forget that pilates it is, in fact, a medical method, so the exercises can be done even by those with back, knee or shoulder problems.

If you want to get rid of back pain and daily stress and at the same time obtain a good muscle tone and a good posture, book a session with Marius


Razvan Ciobanu

Razvan is a Postgraduate of the National University of Physical Education and Sports Bucharest, with specialization in Athletics, he was an athletics coach, but also a professional athlete in the discus throw for 7 years and now he is part of the Shape Art Pilates team. He participated in Pilates on Tour Venice 2015, 2016.

Despite the fact that you find him all the time in the Pilates studio, when manages to take some time off, Razvan loves travelling or going hiking in the mountains.

His biggest joy and main reason he has developed a passion and later a career in Pilates, is the opportunity to share his passion for sports with other people and the joy of training through a series of exercises that are beneficial to the mind and body.

He thinks that Pilates is the best way to discover yourself and evaluate your own physical skills while improving your self-image at the same time.

If you want to enjoy Pilates sessions full of professionalism and passion, Razvan will be pleased to meet you at Shape Art Pilates.


Sabina Ionita

Sabina is a professional ballerina / dancer, graduate of the choreography high school and UNATC college, currently a member of the ballet of the national theater of musical and operetta "Ion Dacian". Also during her career, she has participated in numerous workshops for movement and is currently a dance teacher for adults and children.

During her free time, Sabina focuses on art and nature walks.

The active and movement-oriented career has created a deep interest for the human body and the somatic harmony present in it, thus forming the desire to share the pleasure for movement and an active life. Through Pilates classes Sabina wants to encourage anyone to discover how wonderful the human body is.

If you want a harmonious and well prepared body with a determined and welcoming instructor, reserve an hour with Sabina.

If you want a to try a workout session with Sabina, you are invited at the Shape Art Pilates studio.


Victor Constantin

Victor is studying in the Physical Education and Sports Bachelor program at UNEFS Bucharest, is a licensed Personal Trainer from 2015. He is a basketball coach for 6 years and has practiced 10 years performance basketball where he has developed the ability to work in a team, discipline and the positive attitude.

During his free time he plays basketball to keep himself in shape, among Victor's passions we can distinguish skiing, swimming and traveling.

The opportunity to share his knowledge in working individually with clients but also to observe the daily progress they make gives Victor the greatest satisfaction in his Pilates instructor career.

Victor believes that Pilates exercises are a very enjoyable way to improve your coordination and keep you fit, as well as practicing mindfulness exercises to give you clarity of thought and well-being.

If you want to improve your posture, muscle tone and breath control book a session with Victor.


Ioana Istrate

Ioana is licensed in Physical Therapy, part of National University of Physical Education and Sports.As a physical therapist she worked in order to establish the best alignment for the people with postural problems. She also managed to develop her skills in manual therapy, by doing therapeutic massages, which helped her analyzed and be aware of the body structures in the most typical ways.

She practiced basketball and now she keeps her shape by doing mountain trips, bike hiking and kickboxing as a hobby.

Ioana considers that Pilates is a physical activity that gathers all the criteria to accomplish the perfect motion

Pilates creates a strong bond between body, mind and soul


Ana Hoanta

Ana was a professional athlete for over 13 years. Her passion for Sports started at the age of 6 and led her to a career in Pilates. She has been recognized with multiple awards for her victories in competitions nationally and internationally. She credits most of her success to her discipline and hard work.She is a graduate of the National University of Physical Education and Sports Bucharest. She is also doing her Master's Degree in Motric Spare Time Activities.sp.ah.description=Ana was a professional athlete for over 13 years. Her passion for Sports started at the age of 6 and led her to a career in Pilates. She has been recognized with multiple awards for her victories in competitions nationally and internationally. She credits most of her success to her discipline and hard work.She is a graduate of the National University of Physical Education and Sports Bucharest. She is also doing her Master's Degree in Motric Spare Time Activities.

As a specialized Pilates instructor, Ana's satisfaction comes from helping clients reach their goals through an extensive full body workout that is designed to strengthen your mind and your body.

Ana is also a member of the Shape Art Pilates Team and spends most of her free time painting, hiking and travelling.

Should you be interested in booking a consultation, we generally recommend 2-3 sessions per week for optimal results.


Dan Lucian

Lucian is an accredited pilates instructor at Balancebody and Life Pilates Pilates Schools. He is a calm and patient person, but also a complete athlete. At the age of 9 he started performance sport, more exactly athletics, where he excelled in the triple jump, obtaining two national champion titles. He made his fitness debut in 2012, at a gym in his hometown. There he worked as a pilates instructor, but also taught aerobics, indoor cycling, kids gym and bodybuilding. In 2014 he moved to Bucharest to focus his career on the pilates training system, eventually joining the Shape Art team. Lucian recommends Pilates for a better posture, elegance in movement, muscle tone, but also as a perfect medical recovery program. He felt the benefits of Pilates on his own body after an injury in the gym. When he is not in the gym, Lucian is in nature, and his outdoor passions are, among others, hiking, mountain running and mountaineering. His motto is "Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you ate".


Cristian Petri

Cristian is a Holistic Coach at CHEK Institute and Personal Trainer - Level 2. Active in the fitness industry since 2013, he has gained extensive experience in various ways to train people: from clients in the gym who wanted to lose weight or put on muscle mass and up to group classes as a TRX and Indoor Cycling certified instructor. He graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest and is also present in the online environment, on the Youtube channel - Cristian Petri, where he creates weekly content. In his free time he loves hiking with friends, climbing and snowboarding. It values continuing education and approaches Pilates in a holistic way, integrating it as a way of life. "I believe that this form of movement brings balance in the body and mind by correcting posture deficiencies and training the stabilizing muscles. These elements are vital in maintaining physical and mental tone, until old age. "If you want to enjoy educational pilates sessions and Cristian's enthusiasm, we are waiting for you.