Things you should know about Pilates

You've probably heard about this new form of exercise that everyone has been talking about recently. Whether it's on TV or on the Internet, Pilates is often mentioned as being the new form of physical exercise which produces results that are efficient, fast and sustainable.

But what is Pilates in fact?
About Pilates
Pilates is a new and innovative training system, which stimulates both the body and the mind. The necessary equipments for practicing this sport are the mat and different special devices.
This sport has evolved after the principles of Joseph Hubertus Pilates, german culturist born in 1883. The basic idea on which this type of exercise was developed is the interdependence between mental control of movement and phyiscal exercise.

Pilates helps to mantain resistence to effort and trains the muscles without developing them in an exaggerated manner, but by toning the muscles in a harmonious manner, sculpting the thighs and gaining a fit abdomen.

It is a safe form of sport, by practicing a system of exercises that will help you look and feel extraordinary. Practicing Pilates, teaches your body to have a correct and gratious posture. Also, it enhances flexibility, agility and economic movement, while also helping ameliorate back ache.

Benefits of Pilates

  • Refreshing exercises for the body and mind.
  • Developing a strong corporal nucleus: flat abs and a strengthened back
  • Gaining harmoniously and flexible developed muscles
  • Creating a good physical condition, improving of overall performance and preventing of accidentation

Pilates training is recommended for people who want to lose weight, such as pregnant women and people with problems or affections of the spine or of the back. For obtaining safe and efficient results, it is recommended to participate in 2-3 sessions a week of each 45-60 minutes. The sessions comprise of respiratory exercises, continuing with big muscle groups, they are then followed by stretching.
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